Face To Face With God Vol. II

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Face To Face With God Vol. II

God knows that your family is important to you.  It is His will that all your family members experience the fullness of salvation through receiving Jesus Christ as Lord.  The Word of God, Psalms 103, instructs us not to forget all of the benefits that belong to us from knowing Him.

One of the most significant benefits of your salvation is that your family members too can live the blessed life, healed, whole, and prosperous, with a relationship with God.  God wants to be to your family as He was to Cornelius’s family in Acts, chapter 10.  In Face to Face with God, you will learn the heart and ways of God, like Cornelius, that provoked God to instruct Peter to bring salvation to his household.

In Face to Face with God, you will discover the treasure of God and how to hold onto the treasure through the trials. You will learn the concepts of faith and the enemy's tactics against the family. You will learn how to become intimate with the Lord and grow spiritually in the Lord. Your family will be blessed!

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